Buying Nyambya Tea 

Nyambya Tea Company Limited owns a small Tea Factory manufacturing CTC black tea and accounts for just 1.5% of Uganda’s tea production. 
From the Company’s managed plantations of 130 hectares and together with the Company’s 300 registered growers, we produce just under 1 million kilograms of tea annually. 

What makes our tea special? 

1. Our tea is produced without use of any pesticides or other chemicals that might be harmful to human health. Nitrogenous fertilizers are used to replenish the soils of nutrients that are removed during the process of plucking. 
2. As a small and family owned producer we are able to focus on producing a quality product that is appreciated by the increasingly health conscious world population. 
3. All our tea is hand plucked for quality without the use of mechanised harvesting. 
4. The Company is in the process of implementing ISO standards for international certifications. 

Sales & Exports 

Our tea is purchased by international buyers in two main ways: 
1. Auction sales: Our tea is available each week through the Mombasa Tea Auction. 
2. Direct and contract sales: Our tea is available for sale directly from the tea factory and can be shipped from Mombasa directly in 20ft or 40ft containers. 
3. Independent documentation provided with tea exports include: 
Certificate of Origin of Uganda. 
Phytosanitary Certificate laboratory analysis. 
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